Friday, February 1, 2013

Out of the Closet

Fr. Scott remarked that there were LOTS of priests in cassocks at the March For Life last week. He, of course, was one of them. He said that he was photographed putting a wreath on the grave of the unknown soldier in his cassock and doubted it would be published in the Diocesan paper.

It may or may not. If it is of interest to women over 60 who are either religious sisters, grandmoms or pastoral administrators (that's a real thing here), then it will get published.

I was thinking of the cassock this morning. I have one. I've had it for a while, actually. I only wear it for weddings outside of Mass, baptisms outside of Mass, Confessions during Adoration and when I distribute Communion when I am not the presider. I don't feel bad about not wearing it often. I wear my clerics every day. And full-on black, too. Not the cleric shirt with an open collar. Not the clerical shirt with blue jeans. All black and quasi-formal.

I also see the cassock as the vestment of the younger generation of priest. I celebrate and welcome that generation! Good on them for wanting to wear the cassock often. However, at my old age, I'd look that old guy wearing Abercrombie. No one said I couldn't but when I do, I probably shouldn't. It's like being that hanger-on guy who goes out to Proud Larry's and lets you know he still ROCKS! But when he rocked, he rocked Van Halen. You rock Mumford and Sons. Totally not the same universe.

I'm all about the cassock for the new generation of priest. I also believe it does add an air of respect to the altar server and we've been using it for the past 4 years here. We were told by a high-ranking sacramental minister of the diocese that servers should be wearing this:
Because the alb and rope look more like stuff Jesus wore maybe. And the assistant to the high-ranking sacramental minister of the diocese likes to see altar servers wear them. Because she wears them.

We may get around to it. But for now, we have this full closet of these:
 My take is that our boys (and girl) who wear the cassock treat the cassock better and act better when ministering.

And if some of those boys like the way the black looks, they just may wear it when they are priests!