Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Auburn's Inspiring Homecoming Queen

Auburn University's 2013 Homecoming Queen is Molly Anne Dutton. While the name might not be familiar to you, her personal story is amazing, and one that obviously connected deeply with her fellow university students. Molly Anne's campaign for queen centered on a cause that is near and dear to her heart: raising money for adoptions.

Molly Anne, you see, is a product of adoption. Her biological mother, the victim of a sexual assault that resulted in Molly Anne's conception, was given a horrendous choice by her husband: either abort the baby or get a divorce. Instead of abortion, Molly Anne's mother chose to carry her to term and worked with an adoption agency to make sure that her baby girl would be given a good life.

You can read more about Molly Anne's story here. And, check out her campaign video and how she used her campaign to raise awareness about adoption and to raise money for the same adoption agency that helped gave her a chance at life. Well done, Molly Anne!

Check it out: