Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ad Deum Rock

During the Mass at 5:00pm on Sundays here in Oxford, I've been celebrating the Mass "AD DEUM" ("toward the Lord"). As I explain before each Mass that "ad Deum" is an ancient way of celebrating Mass that includes both priest and congregation TOGETHER facing one COMMON direction acknowledging that it is CHRIST that is the center of our attention.

Over the past few years, we've used the organ and piano music in a more traditional vein. However, this year, I was beaten down emotionally asked to include more contemporary Protestant egocentric praise music in the 5:00pm college Mass. We have done it and so far, it's not too bad.

Some people have remarked that ad Deum Mass with the JAMMIN' music isn't congruent but I see it as two sides that won't budge coming together a good synthesis.

Today I ran across this old video and BEHOLD--- ROCKIN' ELVIS PROTESTANT WORSHIP MUSIC and a priest celebrating AD DEUM all in one spot.

And NUNS in habits!

And Servers in cassocks!


That's right, St. John's has THE ELVIS MASS!