Friday, March 8, 2013

Papal Spring Breaks

The emeritus pope was recently photographed gently feeding his koi fish at his retreat home. In this pastoral setting, he's an example of how to peaceable enjoy a rest.

One day giving communion, the next feeding fish
Then there's JP II celebrating a more traditional spring break with colorful crowds, afro-delic hairdos, tropical climates and boobs.
JP II finds a spot over everyone's head and just looks at it.
I'm going on Spring Break myself next week. Kinda a little of both pope breaks. But no boobs. Or at least, there is no boob on the itinerary.

I'm going on retreat with the Jesuits so there's nothing half naked about them...
Fr. Saju George, SJ
That stands for sassy jammies

Oh wow...Nevermind