Friday, March 8, 2013

Date for Conclave to be announced... soon... (hopefully)

If any of you have Sirius satellite radio, I'd strongly encourage you to check out the programming on the Catholic Channel (Channel 129).  Leno Rulli and Fr. Rob Keighron from the Catholic Guy Show have been hilariously blasting the inability of the Cardinals to come to a decision about when to decide to meet to decide when the Conclave should begin to elect a new pope.

Leno and Fr. Rob will be pleased to hear that at today's press briefing, Fr. Frederico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, announced that the Cardinals will meet tonight (Rome time) to (finally) decide on a date to start the Conclave.

Way to go, Cardinals!

As funny (or depressing) as this whole waiting game has been, the absolute best part of it, for my money, was the guy who tried to sneak into the Cardinals' meetings dressed as a fake bishop.

Did ya see it? Yep, some guy stuck on a store-bought cassock and showed up at the Vatican like he owned the place. And it worked.

He made it past the initial line of Swiss Guards and into the meeting hall before someone finally realized he didn't belong.

Here's a picture of him (on the left), posing for the cameras with a pitifully-clueless Cardinal Sabastiani:

"One of these things is not like the other..."

Gee, I don't know what finally tipped him off that he was a fake. Was it the fedora? The tennis shoes? Or maybe it was the fusia-colored woman's scarf that he had wrapped around his waist as a fascia.

Well, to prevent another embarrassing security breach such as this, I was able to locate a helpful guide on "How to Recognize a Fake Cardinal." For your edification:

Click above image for full size