Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knock, Knock. Who's there? JESUS!

Today is United Nations Day. This day commemorates the establishment of the "Charter of Nations" and to recognize the function of the United Nations as an effort for the world's nations to live in accord with one another.

When I think of the UN, many images come to mind. However, the most supreme image is one that sprung from the imagination of late painter, Harry Anderson.

Anderson was once a commercial illustrator who did work similar to Andrew Wyeth and Norman Rockwell. However, as he matured and became a father, he changed his style and purpose.

With two boys and an infant daughter, Harry and Ruth were now struggling only a short time after they had begun to live comfortably. A few years earlier they had become members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and in 1944, Anderson was approached by The Review and Herald Publishing Association to produce religious illustrations for them. The artist quietly agreed and for the next 35 years proceeded to reinvent the way religious images and icons were depicted. Before Harry, these images had been presented throughout history as traditionally viewed within the pages of the Bible. Harry changed that by representing various religious characters and events within the backdrop of modern times. This incredible body of work comprised half of his total output.,harry.htm

Thus bringing this tremendously memorable image to the world:
"Prince of Peace" by Harry Anderson @1961
What does this mean?
Jesus is knocking so the world's leaders may allow him to speak on behalf of his world?
Jesus is knocking to remind the world's leaders about the ultimate peace only he can bring?
Jesus is knocking as a gentle reminder that he can also knock the building down?
Jesus totally forgot his password and hopes someone can buzz him in?

Compelling image. I hope this is in your mental library now. You're welcome.