Friday, October 26, 2012

Saint Names You Should Have Had: part 213

The pantheon of saints in the Catholic canon is incredibly large. There are some saints that are on the "universal" calendar that all Catholics remember but there are also many saints that are either particular to a region, country, or to a religious community. Not to mention the saints that are unique to a rite in the Catholic Church.

Every once in a while I like to dig around and find out the saints that I'm missing out on. Today's silent saint is described as:

He was born at Piacenza, Italy in 1164 and died 1229. His parents were Scottish. He was appointed to a canonry in Piacenza. Then, after his studies in Paris, he became archpriest and bishop of Piacenza.

Six years later he was transferred by Honorius III to the see of Pavia, which he occupied for 13 years. He was canonized and his feast day is 26 October.
Not a bad record. Nothing flashy like bilocation or being able to fly or fighting off dragons, but not a bad resume all in all. Archpriesting should count for something.

However, the name of this saint is the awesome thing. You know how Catholic babies are supposed to have a "Christian" name? Or how those to be Confirmed may choose the name of a saint upon their Confirmation?

Then let it be said. Kids. Parents. Use this saint's name. Hours of enjoyment will ensue.

I present to you: SAINT FULK OF PAVIA!

One big, bad, holy Fulk

Bwahaha! How cool!!!

Oh man. Why didn't I know this in 10th grade? Totally woulda chosen it.