Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Clerical: Look at this guy. Clericalling all over the place.
I went off to the Mississippi Delta Sunday afternoon to spend a couple of days with my family. Traditionally, priests of the Diocese go on retreat during this week to...hahaha..recover...from...Holy...hahahah...Week...buhahaha!
I promise, I PROMISE, one day I will write... IN GREAT DETAIL... of the BUSY PRIEST SYNDROME. I promise you, it will be to priests what Penn and Teller are to magic. Fat, bitter and balding.
Fr. Witherup wearing clerics.

Anyway, since I was missing out, one of the priests on retreat texted me (yes, texted on retreat) that the director, Fr. Ron Witherup, "slammed" the "new clericalism".
The "new clericalism" isn't much different from the "new clericalism" that was "slammed" when I was ordained. Here's what the new clericalism is:
1. Young priests who want to wear cassocks and fiddlebacks instead of participating as a minister among equals at the common supper of the Lord.
2. Young priests who study Latin and want to learn the Tridentine Mass which THEY NEVER EVER KNEW BEFORE!
3. Young priests who cozy up to the rich instead of aligning themselves to the POOR and IMMIGRANT!
4. Young priests who quote canon law and the Catechism instead of pastorally instructing the faithful with gentleness and mercy.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand finally:
5. Young priests.
The priest texted later that it struck him funny that a group of bloated priests with bellies filled with free booze, steak and cake given to them by the KoC's, an organization that serves priests, can justify speaking negative of the "new clericalism" of the younger priests.  With their mouths full.

Sicut erat in principio...
Non-clerical: the spirit of YOUTH!