Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Those crazy kids...

A little follow-up on previous posts.
I know that me not so smart but I am impressed and humbled by the intelligence, piety and service of some of our college students here. Some have intimated to me that they wouldn't be against studying about a vocation to the religious life and priesthood.
That's good news in the midst of a strong movement to tier parishes in such a way that the priest is a functionary who dispenses sacraments while laity (unconsecrated often) "run" the parish. This is not the Catholic way and hasn't worked in procreating the future of the Church.

We need some smart young ones to sober us up. And looks like we're getting them.
Those entering religious orders in 2011 were also highly educated. Almost 60 percent had earned at least a bachelor’s degree, and 16 percent had earned a graduate degree as well.  Sixty-five percent of survey respondents identified themselves as white, while 19 percent identified as Asian and nine percent identified as Hispanic. The U.S. bishops have recently commissioned a survey on Hispanic vocations, to determine why the group is under-represented.

Wow. Girls do come out in numbers for Christ. Feeling the heat, Justin Beiber?