Friday, April 6, 2012

Whiny priesty boy talks again about fasting

Christ fasts in the desert. No food, no water. 40 days. That's why he's God and I'm not.
A few years ago I read about rigorous fasting that other religions carry out. I was interested because some announcer was telling of how sturdy a football player was during summer training and added that the kid drank no water or ate no food because of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.
I had earlier read of an Orthodox Jew who during Yom Kippur also shunned food and water.

So, not to be a wuss, I looked up one of our older fasting traditions. It had the ominous name of "THE BLACK FAST".  The suggestion in pursuing this type of fast is that one not have any water or food from sunrise to sunset. I decided to do this on First Fridays.

The first First Friday I did it, I wasn't too bothered. But I did get a headache, as was predicted. I also felt nauseous at the end of the period. Now this was also in the summer which means there's lots of time between the sunrise and the sunset. Foolishly, when the sun went down, I went to the Chinese-ish Buffet and after my meal, promptly got ill at home. Should have read that cookie, "When you fast, don't eat MSG!"

This same pattern went on for the next few months. Even without the dinner at the end, I would end up sick. I found out that it is possible that even with no food one can get sick. And I was one of those people.

So I've given up on the Black Fast. I was going to do it today but didn't want to vom during the Stations of the Cross so decided to do the more rational USCCB version of fasting.
Had grits and coffee this morning.
Coffee and a pack on nabs this afternoon.

And tonight...CHINESE BUFFET!

Suffice it to say, once I went Black Fast, I went back fast.
Haha... Solemn Day to you all.