Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rose on the Third Week

In the 8th century, the papal laundry mixed the whites with reds thus starting the tradition of rose vestments. Nah, kidding. But kinda funny.
Tomorrow is the 3rd Sunday in Advent. Because of the entrance antiphon's opening lines "Rejoice in the Lord always" (Phil 4:4), this Sunday is known as "Gaudete" Sunday. For the slow on the uptake, "gaudete" means "rejoice".

This Advent, I've been using the thematic of the "Four Last Things" or "novissima" to direct my homilies. Those things are "Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell". Advent is not just the waiting period before Christmas but is a season that anticipates Christ's Second Coming. Although it may be coincidental with the shopping days left til Christmas, Advent isn't about rushing to get things done but we are told over and over to make haste, that is, to be quick in preparing for Jesus. So what better way than thinking of the GREAT BEYOND!

The first week, I spoke about "Death". Not really the kind of thing that inspires thoughts of candycanes and sparklies but as it's been said, "None of us gets out of here alive". Jim Morrison said that. And he's dead. So he was right.

The second week, last week, was about Judgment. I don't really know what I said but it brought over a hundred folks to confession. A psychologist in town said one of his clients had mentioned my homily during therapy. Which was weird but kinda awesome.
Everything looks good through rose colored glasses. Except the wearer.

Tomorrow, the third week, we look at Heaven. And lo! It is a bright cheery rose candle! Out of the gloom comes the hope for Heaven. In the early church, the color signified the fast during Advent could be broken temporarily.  A little taste of Heaven? The priest is allowed to wear rose as well (and, as many have said, it's not "pink") during Mass.

I know nothing of the dress code in Heaven but I don't know of anyone who can be sad while wearing rose. So maybe dig up something of that hue for tomorrow's Mass and "Rejoice"!

VESTMENT WATCH: What color did you priest wear this weekend? Did he call it pink? I bet at least one priest calls it pink.