Monday, July 8, 2013

Isn't it hot in all that black?


Yes, it is very hot in all that black.

Yet, I wear the clerics. In the summer. In the sun. Yes, "they" make short sleeve cleric shirts. Yes, some priests wear shorts and sandals. Yes, I could wear whatever I want. I am in the DIOCESE OF THE NEW PARADIGM! I can wear a tutu and a sombrero and be okey dokey.

But it's much more sensible to wear the black. To look like I'm on the job and take it seriously than not.

And when confronted with the heat issue, I ran across this online today.

Funeral Mask on an Italian Monk
That's kind of cool! Superhero cool! THE MASKED MONK!

I'm not sure how hot it was in Italy in the 1830's when this was taken,'s some kind of outfit. Probably a bit much Mississippi, you wouldn't dare. Don't wanna be "Paula Deen'ed".

But in all honesty, there was a time not too long ago when people dressed up more formally in the midst of "the heat", for instance:

You could excavate a tomb in Egypt...HOT EGYPT...with a pair of wool pants and long sleeve shirt

You would be on African Safari in a tweed jacket and leather boots...along with your best gal.
You could write literary classics in your non-air conditioned Mississippi home while in a herringbone suit
You would wear a suit to a baseball game and even a hat...not a cap..but a HAAAAAAAAAAAT.
Yeah, some would say that was a long time ago. Regular folks don't do that anymore. You're not with the times.


You are welcome.