Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So this whole thing about Americans being "spied" on by the government has gotten the ire up of the political right as well as the Catholic "right" (aka: the political right with more Jesus).

Seems a bunch of the bloggers and their followers are worried that all the data collected concerning their stands on same-sex marriage, abortion, civil liberties, Catholic doctrine, and whatever else will get them disappeared.

Let's use the example of TV. Because that's what I know.

If the government were say...The Bluth Family.

Yes, if the government is a family of highly secretive, selfish, paranoid, manipulative, power-thirsty and mistrusting egomaniacs...

Then we're Ann.

The Christian girlfriend of George Michael...

Also known as "Who?"

 Or "Her?"

We're just not that memorable. No one sees us.

Our making noise about "abortion" and "first freedoms" have been ignored. Like they care about us.

I'd be more afraid of the POWERS THAT BE in the Diocese to shut down this blog than I would the Feds. For all the "ad Orientem" and "male vocation" and "anti-abortion" stuff that goes on here?

 I could be disappeared by the NEW PARADIGUM and set apart in such isolation that I could devolve into apathy, lethargy and having inappropriate relationships with food...

Not jail! I mean  being made a Sacramental Minister for the missions!

Now I'm being paranoid....