Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Crescat: Put A Pope On It

Just too great...

  You know how an establishment identifies itself as “hipster friendly”… they put a bird on it. The practice was popularized by the show Portlandia.
Hipster 1: Oh my god, I LOVE your tote bag, where did you get it?
Hipster 2: Oh this thing? I just bought it for $75 at Brooklyn Flea but it was so boring until I put a bird on it!
Hipster 1: You should sell it on Etsy!
You’ll see them here in Charlotte and Asheville; hipster clothing and “thrift” stores with a bird decal in the store shop window. The phrase “put a bird on it” came about from all the re-cycled [read junk] crap that’s peddled on etsy as home-made and “artsy”. Wanna sell your junk as “trendy” at exorbitant pricey? Put a bird on it.
Could the same thing be said for Catholics. Wanna hawk your wares to Catholic hipsters? Put a pope on it.