Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There's More!

After Fr. Joes post yesterday about the Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker I knew there was more but there happens to be quite a bit more I found after some digging.

When I saw the Catholic women I watched the game with were falling head over heels (dare I say "no pun intended" or was it just that bad?) for Tucker I  told them about Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk who also happens to be Catholic.

Birk is from Minnesota and during the months that lead up to Nov. 6 he spoke against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment and of course got a lot of flack for it. Turns out he is also a graduate of Harvard. And plays for the NFL. As a center. Very impressive.

That impressive degree might or might not have made Birk more attractive than Tucker to some of the women. They also might or might not be happy with me if they read this...oh well!  

After some digging I found this blog with links that lead interviews of both the Harbough's talking about their Catholic faith. And it opens with this: 
"As the pre-eminent Catholic see in the United States battles the city named after one of the most respected saints of the 13th century, we find it only appropriate to point out a few of the Catholic angles to this Sunday’s game."
I'll stretch it to say that it's also in New Orleans home of the Saints. WHO DAT?! 

So guess it turned out to be a very Catholic Super Bowl! Besides the half time show (or not as could be argued here (Yikes...maybe he has the right intention but I dont know about that...I do know the author is from the church that is schoomzing our Catholic women)(Update: more commentary from Leah Darrow), majority of the commercials, some poor theology from Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco's f-bombs (that gained way too much controversy) , to name a few.

Wow...should have just left it on a high note. Sorry to be negative Nancy... But hey jack!

Honestly, these few Catholic witnesses are incredible in an industry where, not only, it is very countercultural but very popular and has the ability to gain the spotlight over the smallest of things. Plus these are some of the witnesses of just 2 of the 32 NFL teams. So enjoy these small victories and thank God for the strength and courage He gives these men to live out their faith. And while you're saying those prayers, pray that I could use them as an example to do the same. And I'll do the same for you. Thank you!

Or the big victories like the Lombardi (also Catholic) trophy.

And one more link because I think the one in the mentioned blog post about Matt Birk is messed up.