Wednesday, February 6, 2013

God Made Signing Day

From the lost Paul Harvey archives:
And on the eighth day, God looked down on the throng of colleges and said I need something for people to care about-
So God made Signing Day…
God said I need to encourage adult men and otherwise sensible adults to miss work, avoid important business, even the birth of their first born so they can spend time on websites and Tweets following 18 year olds decisions-
So God made Signing Day…
I need people to watch where a teenager eats,travels, spends time on the weekends and what coach he has or does not have in his circle and do so without it seeming creepy or slightly alarming-
So God made Signing Day…
God said I need to make the rivalry between Ole Miss and State more acrimonious while at the same time making smaller league schools feel as if they can get the next Johnny Football and revive their franchise
So God made Signing Day...

We haz Nkemediche!

Good (Signing) Day.