Friday, December 21, 2012

You can call me "baby" today but if there's a tomorrow, I want to see the manager

I get JUDGED on my tastes so I rarely talk about movies or books from the pulpit. I even try to keep my preferences on the DL when asked what I like.
My buddy, Fr. John once innocently quoted "The Godfather" in a homily and created a stir among the purists who were shocked that their priest watched a dirty movie with naked people, and blood and cursing.
So I keep my naked people, bloody, cursing tastes to myself normally.

But since it's MAYAN MAKE OR BREAK DAY, here's a short list of some of the media I've been into lately.

Libba Bray's latest. I recommend "Beauty Queens" too. Ooops, I typed that out loud.
I finished reading a new book, The Diviners, the other night. It's supposedly a tween novel but that's my reading level. I like the writer, Libba Bray. I'm a teenage girl maybe. Wutevs.

The book is set in the 1920's and features a psychic teenage "flapper" who is brought in to help solve the bizarre cases of occult style killings. The backdrop of the book is that THE END OF THE WORLD is coming! It was a fun read but sorta figured out that the world wouldn't end since it was set in the 20's.

Black Sabbath has an album with the same name. Rockin.
I'm now reading a dystopian novel written by a Catholic priest, Fr. Robert Hugh Benson. Titled Lord of the World the book tells of a world that has left religion behind and there are only a few Catholic strongholds left. A charismatic senator from America with a very secret past is on the rise as almost a messianic figure to the areligious. Before you go all political on me, the book was written in 1907, so chill.
SUPER POPE! Nah, kidding. He's in a sun-shield suit.
 I also watched "All Star Superman" on Netflix last night. This animated feature (ie: cartoon) is based on the graphic novel (ie: comic book) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. The story followed Superman as he pursues some unfinished business before he dies. He has the space cancer. Happens when you fly into the sun. But there are threats to the world and well, you gotta see it and I don't wanna spoil it.
Ok, Superman saves the world from being irradiated by a blue sun.
But still, a good movie.
All to say, I've filled my head and imagination with end of the world scenarios and here it is on the day Discovery Channel has prepared us for.

I heard 2 hours worth of Confessions.
I said Mass.
I had a bearable pasta and seafood lunch.

All in all, pretty good Ember Day. Bring on tomorrow.
But if there is no tomorrow, today was good too.
Only thing I would have done different was to go with my imagination and tell the 20 year old waitress to stop calling me "baby" and "honey". Really? I mean, she's like a kid calling me "babe".
And being all 5'4" and bald, I kinda feel like a man-baby anyway. You know? Like a hybrid of baby and man. Like I can shave but my feet don't reach the floor when I sit on most chairs.

I had some quips to throw at her for the "babe" stuff. But I stilled my tongue.

If the world is here tomorrow, and I deign to eat there again, maybe.

But if that's the only regret?
Pretty good.