Monday, August 20, 2012

This Happened in Mississippi Last Night

Yesterday we welcomed our students and their families to the Fall Semester. A swag estimate would put the numbers at over 1000 people who attended Mass here yesterday. Which is pretty good for us down in Dixie.

We had a welcome back cookout last evening and it was pretty cool.

We had grad students. We had freshmen. We had moms and dads. We had old people. We had black people. We had white people. We had Peruvian musicians. We had Egyptian Muslims. We had like everything out there.
Southern Gentlemen: Letting the ladies eat before they do.
A group of girls from Peru and Egypt in various stages of willingness to have a picture taken.
Students with empty plates and CCM swag

The chow line dwindling down
A cute Catholic couple
The sun shined on us all