Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do you want to see the inside of pants in Iran?

An open letter to the world community.
I get spam from religious book publishers.

I get spam from senators and public officials.

I get spam from technology firms.

I get spam from male enhancement ads.

But finally, I have made it to the ultimate spam gift.

I got the spam.

This spam has been going around for a while. It is cryptic and includes sometimes a letter to the world community or just a series of pictures that are religious and creepy all at the same time. Which means, totally appeals to a Catholic like me!

Here's a taste of it. I tell ya, no offense, but "reading" this email is FAR better than reading the Catholic Charities RALLY OF THE WEEK notice or something from an EXCITING NEW publication that will help your teens PARTY DOWN with their Faith!

Just look at this stuff I got!
Perhaps a racist portrayal of a Jew on a crocodile
An upside down painting of a monarch with a white square on the face
Sumerian (?) owl lady
Frogs (and there were 20 or more frog photos with this one)

 This I cannot delete. I cannot.
Oh, dysgo. MORE! MORE!