Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's not like an exorcism wouldn't be needed in Washington

Jindal: that's his devil slapping hand.
Ugh. Stupid stuff.
Bobby Jindal, Governor of La, wrote about an exorcism. His opponents are making a deal of it.

I haven't seen the article referred to but suffice it to say, it doesn't sound like Jindal BELIEVES in this sort of exorcism but was just reporting on one.

And a fake one too.

The Catholic Church doesn't let college kids perform exorcisms. And we perform them, for good or ill, less than people like to think.

But then again, the New Orleans Charismatic Renewal has been known to pull a few semi-exorcisms too. Or deliverances or whatever they call it so the Vatican won't be all "NO EXORCISIMS! KEEP THAT RACKET DOWN!" That said, I totally can see the young Jindal being pulled into that.

Still, a bit of holy water and a crucifix wouldn't be too bad in government.

Oh man, I just wrote that. That means I can't be veep. Dang.