Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I had a taco today

How evil can a phonetically spelled restaurant be?
I ate Mexican food today. Sometimes you just gotta have a taco. Yes, I was aware that today was Chick-fil-A Day. The report from Oxford is that our Chick-fil-A is rockin'. I just passed it and it's full. The parking lot was full and there was still a line at 1:40pm when I passed by.

Mike Huckabee started the idea and told people to support Chick-fil-A in the wake of the backlash against some of the things the CEO said pertaining to gay marriage. You know the story. If not, check it out.

Y'see, a couple months ago, the Catholic Church was told that they had to pay insurance on contraception and abortifacients for employees. The Diocese responded that this wasn't about "birth control" but about  the "freedom of religion". So the sacramental ministers and priests and LEMs and pastoral administrators were all told to have our parishes pray and be aware of the affront to the First Constitutional Freedom.

I was musing about Huckabee's statement that people support Chick-fil-A in support of the First Amendment. I thought, "Hmmm (when I think, I say "hmmm") wonder how it would go if our Diocese pulled this? What if we were Chick-fil-A?"

As hundreds of cars pulled into our restaurants, we'd probably say, "Hey, we actually have awful chicken. And you look kinda like a bigot eating here. Thanks for coming but really you should go to another restaurant where you don't look so bad."
So people would be confused and a bit sad. They would leave empty handed and resolve never to return.
Then we'd feel all good about ourselves that we supported those who don't support us while alienating those who support us.
Then we'd moan a week later because no one wants Chick-fil-A anymore.
Our managers would conclude that the reason is "bigotry".
Hey, it's not "the weeds and the wheat" but there's a parable in there somewhere!