Friday, June 15, 2012

Margaret Mary Alacoque Did Not Expect This.

The legend says that a 17th century French nun, Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque, was often visited by an apparition of our Lord, who exposed his heart to her showing the radiant flames of his love. He told her that he desired to be loved by all and to have all come to him. Thus the fame of the Sacred Heart began.

Well, thanks to mass media marketing and the internet, the Sacred Heart truly has gotten the exposure. Not really the kind he was asking for. If you ask me. Unless Jesus really wanted us to wear Ed Hardy shirts.

Then I'd totally be considering apostasy.

Logo for the Hard Rock of Blues
Jane's Addiction tshirt
Aerosmith tshirt (the 90's loved some Sacred Heart)
Mom, guns and the sacred heart
Ed Hardy art(sic)
Cigarette case
Jesus (or Jason Segel) and the Sacred Heart doll