Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Foam Finger For Fortnight For Freedom Fail

With all due respect, Cardinal Dolan, don't do that.


Just put the finger away.

This is not Bears vs Packers or Giants vs Jets. Or any of that. This is not a pep rally.

This...the Fortnight for about the attack on a Constitutional Liberty. It is the denuding of the right to practice our religion without government intrusion.

I have watched bishops in the past treat the message of Pro-life as if it were a sporting event. After the Pro-life side loses, they nod and wink to the opponent, Pro-abortion side and shake hands. If the Pro-life side "wins", then they console the loser with almost a better luck next time approach.

So if this is serious. Really, really serious. As it is supposed to be and I am supposed to report it.


Thank you.