Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear St. Irenaeus...

From an entry on St. Irenaeus, June 28:
A group of Christians in Asia Minor had been excommunicated by Pope Victor I because of their refusal to accept the Western church's date for celebrating Easter. Irenaeus, the "lover of peace" as his name indicates, interceded with the pope to lift the ban. Irenaeus indicated that this was not an essential matter and that these people were merely following an old tradition, one that men such as Saint Polycarp and Pope Anicetus had not seen as divisive. The pope responded favorably and the rift was healed. Some 100 years later, the Western practice was voluntarily adopted. 

On this day, Catholics sit down, write down the things they want and send it to St. Irenaeus. Here are some examples:
Send your letters and be a good Catholic! St. Irenaeus is interceding for you!