Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Wiccan't

"Woman, knoweth that witches aint' ish but hoes and tricks. Verily"
Witches are being shunned...again.
From the Daily Mississippian (online):
Theater junior Lavada Johnston volunteered to speak at World Religion Day on the Ole Miss campus when her religion professor, Caleb Simmons, asked for interested students. Her religion of choice: Wicca.
“I’m a witch,” she said. “That’s the best way I can describe it. I’m kind of a witchy tree-hugger. I don’t worship Satan or ride on brooms. I like cats alive.”
But when Johnston showed up for the event, she was told she couldn’t speak to the middle school students about Wicca.

Following up, he sent an email to the student panel, Mary Thurlkill, the religion professor coordinating the event with Oxford Middle School, and Ellen Douglas, an OMS teacher.
When she was asked not to speak, Johnston said neither Thurkill nor Douglas were rude but the situation as a whole still felt rude to her.
See? All normal. A plastic bin, flowers, coffee and a blood-letting dagger.
“They said that even though it was announced that I would be speaking, they still felt uncomfortable with me speaking about my religion,” she said. “It’s my religion. I’m just conversing about my religion, I’m not trying to convert anyone.”

Well, Oxford, we almost made it a whole school year without witch discrimination.

So, my wishlist for Education lengthens:
1. No Graduation Speakers.
2. No School proms/dances.
3. No religious diversity days.
4. Teechers shud be teh smart.