Friday, May 4, 2012

More Mormon

Mormon missionaries ring your bell.
The number of Mormons in the United States increased by nearly 50% between 2000 and 2010, while the number of “active members” of the Catholic Church declined by 5%, according to the latest decennial religious census published by the Association of Religion Data Archives.

And 48.8% are "non-adherents".

Mormonism is one of those religions that make serious demands on their followers. There are distinctive roles between men and women. Family is important as well as social responsibility. Prosperity is given to those who work and weakness of character is not tolerated.

Sigh, that used to be us.

If you asked those who no longer practice the faith, what happened, they'll say, "I can't stand the rules." If you ask those who hardly practiced, the "I-went-to-church-when-I-was-a-kid-but..." type, the answer is, "Oh, well, I'm a good person and I don't need church to be good" or "I'm too busy but I think about being a good person".

If you asked most of our RCIA candidates why they came to the Catholic faith, each would say that there is a certain seriousness the Church has about herself and our teachings are unchanging.

Jesus: "So, yeah, the Bible is real. I'm real. But wutevs."
I notice that there is a sad division of those camps. It seems those who are determined to hate the rules or be busy, find more rules and busy-ness.
But those who find the teachings, are at daily Mass and in the Confessional. They are here.

Take it serious, folks. The religions who thrive are serious religions.

It's First Friday. Do some praying. Some Adoration. Some abstinence. Some good works.

Do. Some. Catholic!