Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gaylo makes Superman bad

In the last post, I featured President Obama with his rainbow halo (gaylo) from the now famous Newsweek cover.
Although many Obama opponents (Obonents) have another thing to hate on the president about since he's now the "First Gay President" with a gaylo, it seems that there's something else they can be mad about.

The Gaylo is a villian.

That's right. The Gaylo once made another great symbol of truth, justice and the American way evil.

Superman once wore the gaylo and it forced him to mess up priceless collections in the Metropolis museum. Like that bust of what appears to be Ronald Reagan!

Thanks to the folks at, this nefarious act is now brought to light.


President Obama, please, don't turn things to glass with your super-vision. Use it only for good!