Tuesday, May 22, 2012


President Obama is neither gay nor a saint. Sorry Andrew Sullivan. And sorry almost every priest in the Diocese.
The cover to last week's Newsweek proclaimed President Obama to be the "first gay president" according to the journalist, Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan, a dubious conservative, gay-activist and a Catholic, gushed that Obama "is one of us" and cited Obama's growing up black as a source of his empathy for the LGBT people of the United States.
What was most interesting about the cover was the use of a halo. Presidents aren't necessarily holy. And they are far from being saints. But somehow, the proclamation of being "for" gay marriages, the photoshopper at Newsweek threw a halo on the president. A rainbow halo.

Sanctifying gays in art has been somewhat of a theme. I can see why there is a connection.
1. Gays have been persecuted for their sexual orientation. Saints have been persecuted for their Faith.
2. Gays are only abiding by their natural inclinations. Saints are good with nature. Like St. Francis.
3. Gays get killed. Saints get killed.
4. Gays love their mothers and the elderly. The elderly and mothers love their saints. Who else lights those votives?

Wikipedia tells me that today is Harvey Milk Day. Here's an icon of the gay activist that is produced by Building Bridges. Milk was Jewish but professed non-belief:

And here are icons of Harvey Milk and George Moscone (mayor of San Francisco assassinated with Milk) being elevated by priest(ess)s in an Episcopal Church:
Even traditional saints have become gay icons:
Sergius and Bacchus
St. Sebastian
Joan of Arc

And, 5. Gays inspire others to think deeper about their relationship to others and to avoid prejudices. As do saints. But both Gays and saints also are met with vocal and popular support but it is very difficult to get true believers willing to make real sacrifices for the professed beliefs (see cover of Newsweek above).
In other words, lots of people love a St. Pat's parade but how many know St. Pat?

And where Gays and saints may part ways is that saints sacrifice their lives for the Church which means sometimes not knowing romance, erotic love or personal fulfillment even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts.

Just be careful who you deem a saint and who you deem a sinner.