Friday, April 20, 2012

Is 4/20 still funny?

For some reason, I am bemused at the 4/20 deal. I am sure it pertains to only a small, geekish fraction of our society here in Oxford but it still fascinates me that there is a day and a time that honors the smoking of weed.

I was going to do a bit about the Church's teaching on the use of marijuana and looking at a few sites found that when Catholics discuss marijuana, it's like when anyone discusses marijuana, there are lots and lots and lots of opinions. If anything, marijuana discussions make one loquacious. Especially when the topic is weed and religion, jam bands, political theory or how great Aqua Teen Hunger Force is.

Here's one such thread.

So as much as there is still an argument about weed and the Church, one thing is constant: Nuns doing bad stuff is always funny-

Just in case you're scandalized, those aren't nuns. Nuns don't wear habits, they aren't that young and the kind of parties nuns throw are like this:
Woo hoo. Who needs drugs?