Wednesday, March 28, 2012


That commodore looks so unwelcoming
Fr. John from Starkghanistan sent me this link. Seems that our fellow SEC Catholic group has run afoul of some controversy. The article reads:

The sticking point is over student leaders. The university says it has an “all-comers” policy — meaning that groups must be open to all students and that every student should be allowed to run for office.
Religious groups such as Vanderbilt Catholic say any student can be a member. But leaders, they say, must uphold certain religious beliefs.

Ok, first, THANK YOU, OLE MISS! Thank you for letting us have what we call the Catholic Campus Ministry to Ole Miss on your campus. Even though we don't take up an office or have an official clubhouse or whatever or campus, you have been more than good and gracious to us and we appreciate it.
We also realize that an active Catholic presence can make the difference to students and parents in choosing which school to go to. And we don't want those precious kids from Baton Rouge and Alexandria to go know.

So, thanks for that.

Now, secondly. Since when do religious or social organizations have to be so dang welcoming and non-discriminatory? Part of BELONGING to something means you were discriminated, probed, questioned, proven. Well, not probed, or at least not always probed. But I do hear that the entrance rites to the Pikes can be probe-y. But moving on...
During this season of Lent, we start the SCRUTINIES. Yes, we SCRUTINIZE and QUESTION and PROVE the merit and desire of those who want to be Christian. Granted, the scrutinies aren't hard-ball questions or anything but we do take it seriously. Or should.
Fr. John Sims Baker and student at Vandy. Pray for them!
Even the rite of Confirmation, back in the days when the Bishop would ask questions of the candidate to TEST their knowledge and understanding of the faith reminds us that this faith is not come one, come all. Of course, now our Bishop, parroting the previous bishop, acts like he's going to ask questions but...SPOILER ALERT...doesn't ask questions. Wouldn't it be funny if we got to ask him questions? The answer would either be: "It's a mystery" or "It's all changed since Vatican II" or "SOCIAL JUSTICE!!!" Hahaha...ermm...moving on..again.

Point is religions have the right, and the reasons, to discriminate. Pity that the Vandy group had to move off campus but then we're not like most other "denominations". We don't fellowship. We don't welcome. We aren't inclusive. We aren't family.
We have been invited to participate in the sacred mysteries. We are asked to leave mother, father and family behind. We are called to take up our cross. To go through the Son as the only way to the Father. To lose ourselves. To die to oneself. To shake the dust off our sandals against the unbeliever.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yet, we are black, we are white, we are old, we are young, we are crippled, we are blind, we are rich, we are poor, we are gay, we are straight, we are European, we are Asian, we are smart, we are dumb, we are fast, we are slow, we are the world, we are the children....

So exclusive, we are.

We are the Roman Catholic Church. We are the narrow gate. Come. If you desire, join us. There will be a test.