Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Priest in the Funny Hat

I've observed that very few pictures of clergy get printed in the Mississippi Catholic unless they follow certain themes:
1. Elderly priest with sign of aging (stooped over, a walker, a cane, a respirator.....)
2. Priest in/out of clerical garb doing something fun or funny (golfing, dancing a jig, bowling, playing some character at Vacation Bible School, etc.)
3. Priest in non-liturgically correct vestments and/or "presiding" at a liturgically, canonically inappropriate or awkward function or event (outdoor Mass, passing out children's bulletins, wearing a stole with children of the world on it, etc.)
4. Involved in SOCIAL JUSTICE (usually carrying a sign of some sort or standing on the Capitol steps)
and finally....
5. Priest in funny hat (beret, sombrero, Seuss hat, Burger King crown, novelty hat that says, "RETIRED", etc.)

So, when I got this picture from  the recent Abbey Youth Fest, I wondered if this were sent to the paper if it would get printed. I decided that, no...the priests are too young and fit, they aren't golfing, they are too correct in their dress and they aren't standing in front of an Army base with a sign "NO PEACE, NO JUSTICE! KNOW PEACE, KNOW JUSTICE!". So no. And the hat? Totally not as funny as the Irish tam on the priest in the iron lung doing a jig in front of the Capitol while blessing Occupiers.

As a service then to you, it sees the light of day here on SFC. You're welcome.
Fr. Scott, Fr. Matthew approach a quarantined clerically dressed guy with a pancho.