Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thomas Aquinas: In Dreams

An oldie but a goodie in light of the current pro-abortion climate...
Stojan Adasevic
The most notorious abortion doctor of Serbia, Stojan Adasevic, converted from being a champion of death to a champion of life. The Spanish daily “La Razon” reported on the remarkable conversion of the abortionist who performed 48,000 abortions, at times 35 per day.

The doctor dreamed about a beautiful field filled with children and young people who were playing and laughing with delight. But the children, aged 4 to 24 years of age kept away from the horrid and terrifying man. The recurring dream puzzled him as a man dressed in a black habit stood by silently watching. He would wake in a fit of cold sweat.

One night he asked the man who he was. “Thomas Aquinas” he replied. But the Serb had no clue who Aquinas was.  The saint prompted him to ask who the children were in the dream. To his horror it was the children he had killed through the abortions he had performed.

As a result the startled Adasevic resolved to perform any more abortions. But a cousin came to him to abort the four months unborn child of his girlfriend. He agreed to do so. Through the abortion the baby’s heart came out and was still beating. He was so profoundly moved; this was a human being that he had killed. He thus told the hospital he would refuse to do any more abortions.

But the persecution came thick and fast. His salary was cut in half, his daughter got sacked from her job and his son was refused entry into university. After years of persecution he was buckling under the pressure and ready to give up. Once again the great saint appeared to him calling him a great friend. Saint Aquinas inspired him to continue to get involved with pro-life causes; and return to his Orthodox faith.

Thomas Aquinas: Dream visitor in Black. Take that, Gaiman!
Believe it or not, this story is an interesting take on the power of the Angelic Doctor. Aquinas' feast day is today. I hope you won't have to see him in your dreams!