Saturday, November 26, 2011

This weekend: Ole Miss v. State! Sacramentary v. Roman Missal!

Can't get enough of Rebel the em-BEAR-assed..haha.
The great plodding grey thud you hear is the cumulative enthusiasm for this year's Egg Bowl among the Rebel faithful. Maybe a tad bit of cold comfort was given with that semi-whooping LSU handed out to the Hawgs yesterday but the general consensus is we just want it over with. Be gentle.

However, just as undying as the rivalry between State and Ole Miss is the classic rivalry between The Church and the Spirit of Vatican 2! Lining up on the field tomorrow are two formidable forces. At home is the unbending, teaching authority of Christ and the timeless Liturgy. On the visitor side are the people of the spirit empowered by their baptism to decide how God, whoever he or she may be is speaking at the moment. And the contest is: The Translation of the Roman Missal!

We in Oxford (as far as I'm the celebrant) will be doing it the way the USCCB and Vatican has told us to. However, some of you may be getting the same thing you've gotten since time began...40 years ago.

So, post in: DID YOUR CHURCH USE THE NEW ROMAN MISSAL?  What team were you on?!