Monday, November 28, 2011

Do the Red

Another product from Fr. Z!

The influential "What Does the Prayer Really Say" site by Fr. Z has long promoted the simple saying: "Do the red, say the black".
I still see red!
What the statement means is, concerning the Roman Missal, there are two font colors. Red and Black. The Red (also called "the rubrics" because they are ruby colored) gives the priest instructions on what movements to make and postures to assume while celebrating Mass.
The Black indicates the color of everything else.

I must admit, I didn't do too awful yesterday. I get about an B- but did notice that even when I informed the congregation that the Red parts on their worship aid denote action such as "striking breast" during the Confetior or "bow" during the phrase concerning the incarnation during the Creed, not too many did it.

Was it just opening day jitters?
Was it information overload?
Was it some idea that gestures are optional?
Were there some medical issues the prevented a light pat on the breast or a bow?
Or was it something like an older parishioner who fancied herself a liturgist as far back as the 70's told me that all this bowing in the General Instruction was ridiculous and she'll "bow before no God!".
Ok maybe not that.
But what was it? I wonder.