Monday, November 21, 2011

Presentation of Mary

"Hey, someone tithed us a kid! What's the exchange rate on that?"
This feast day commemorates Mary being presented to the temple. The Apocryphal Book of James (non-canonical Scripture) tells the story. In a nutshell, Anne and Joachim were an elderly couple, who were faithful to God but...surprise, surprise...had no children. After years of praying for a child, God saw fit to have Anne conceive...wait for her OLD AGE. So, the couple soon welcomed a baby...girl. Yeah, I know most of these tales end up with a boy being born but this was different. So grateful for the child, named Mary, the couple dedicated her to the temple and when she was 3, she was sent to the temple to live with the priests as an offering to God.

That's the story.

Parents, do not try this at home. I do not want your children. I will feed them sugary snacks and sit them before an Xbox all day. I will tell them there is no Santa Claus and won't let them have friends over for sleepovers. Be warned.