Friday, October 21, 2011

Wear the Red, Wear the Black ?

Hoooo boy.

"OXFORD — Ole Miss officials have encouraged fans to wear red to every home football game so far this season. But one group would prefer fans wear black or dark blue on Saturday against Arkansas, in an effort to voice their displeasure with embattled athletic director Pete Boone.
The "Black Out Boone" group shares a similar sentiment as the Forward Rebels, but the goal seems to be showing Boone and Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones that it is not just an anonymous minority unhappy with the former's job performance.
Boone wouldn't comment Thursday on the matter, saying he is focused on his duties.
"Let's don't do that," coach Houston Nutt said. " 

I don't want to be anti-popular movement nor against the Administration of our august University here. So, I'll be wearing black tomorrow but it don't mean nothin'. Well, it means I'm dying to self in service to the Church but not like suffering because of SEC football politics.

Much. Not suffering much.

Spirit or Spiritus?