Friday, October 21, 2011

Ole Miss makes the Telegraph

The Telegraph is one of the UK's biggest newspapers. Yesterday, they printed a piece from a University of Edinburgh student who spent a year at Ole Miss as an exchange student. His appraisal of his time here at Ole Miss is super positive (and characteristically full of English wit). You'd do well to give it a read.

In part, he writes:
I had been dimly aware that the American South is famous for its hospitality, but was unprepared for a level of friendliness that would have been faintly nauseating if it weren’t so seductive. Wherever I went, people smiled at me with their gleaming, perfect teeth.

So, once again, our good manners and friendliness win the day and change a heart. Yay, American South! And yay braces!

You can read the full piece at the Telegraph website here.