Friday, October 7, 2011

Just 'cause Jay-Z does it doesn't mean everyone has to

It's the feast of OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY. This day commemorates the victory of Christian naval forces over the Muslim Turks in the 16th century. The success of the battle was attributed to the forces praying the rosary.

The rosary is a powerful Catholic prayer. It's also one of those cultural cues that identify Catholics like crucifixes, the sign of the cross and women with facial hair.

However, lately, it's been sort of cool fashion statement. I even saw a rosary displayed on a store mannequin in Tupelo this summer. So if it's hip in Tupelo, it's everywhere (and probably on the downward slide).

Here are some celebs from the A to Z list with fashion rosaries. Don't WEAR IT! PRAY IT!

Glory Beiber to the Father and the Son...
That rosary has to go-go
N to the izzo
Nothing surprises me with you, Gaga
Yellow card on that rosary, bloke