Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day

Last night, a man asked me if any of the students even knew what "Columbus Day" was about. I suggested that the history of Columbus wasn't taught as it used to be. In Catholic schools, we sort of had a reverence for Columbus due to the connection his expedition had with Catholic Spain. The biggest of his ships was even named for the Virgin Mary. We squabbled a little about it and I asked a college student, "What's the significance of Columbus Day?" She said, " 1492, Columbus sailed..brughblabwmmszz...iunno." Alright, then!
For the whole "ditty" and a Catholic perspective, click here.

Here's a blast from the past concerning Columbus. It's all white-patriarchal-skewed-history but it's in line with what I was taught:
And in honor of the men who take Columbus' name in service to their Church and country, take a peek at this video.
Any man looking to explore the reaches of his faith are welcome to consider the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS. In our parish, you can contact Grand Knight, Basil Richmond.
Happy Columbus Day!