Monday, October 3, 2011

Goatees and twins

Blake Gopnik of "The Daily Beast" recently had a short piece on Rembrandt's paintings of Jesus now showing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It's titled Christ's Hipster Sibling.

The exhibit says "Jesus" but your goatee says "James"
 I really enjoy reading good art critics and how they discern elements of paintings that may be lost on the casual observer. Protestant artists would not depict Jesus or any character known as a "saint" in the Catholic canon with a halo. They would humanize Jesus and downplay otherwordly signs of holiness. So James wouldn't be haloed, but neither is Christ! Glopnik's review is very good and it takes a special one to note that a goatee always means the person displayed is a twin..or from a parallel universe where the doppleganger is an evil version of the character. Star Trek tells us so!
Mr. Spock
Goateed Twin Spock (but eeeeeeeeeeeeevil)