Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What one thing do these three people have in common?
Mel Gibson
Lady Gaga

If you said "They're all CATHOLIC!*" You are correct!

Come out to GOOD CHEER tonight where I'll speak on the JOYS OF BEING CATHOLIC! Find out what we all share with those luminaries above. You'll hear of the sweet nectar that is Catholic schooling, fear of bloodied saints, incredible but endearing guilt and ecclesial snobbery.
7:00PM at the Library off the Square.

*You also get points for answering "bsc".
Here's the outline from last night's talk! Only at GOOD CHEER, can you have a beer, pray and have some priest go off needlessly about a youth misspent. My feelings on a video of it being out there is best summed up by an animated gif:

Thanks for coming out! Next week, Fr. Matthew SImmons from Brookhaven is our guest and speaking on his conversion.