Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Comics Lied to Me, pt. 39

When laundry day came every 3 months during my freshman year at the ol' Maroon and White, I'd go down to the laundromat, pull out my geophysics book and begin to understand the underlying principles of constrained inversion buy a copy of Heavy Metal magazine, a coke and watch my colors and whites merge into one blissful tone unknown to nature.
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In Heavy Metal, I was often fascinated by the Friedman Brothers. The Friedman Brothers were/are highly talented artists and their comics dealt with themes of alienation, the surreal and B-list Hollywood stars. On this, the birthday of Joey Heatherton, I am reminded again of this comic strip:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? This girl got the attention of the Pope or some bishop? I thought this terribly funny because I thought the Church had better things to do than worry about some actress dancing dirrrrty or showing up nekkid in a movie or something like that. But, since I saw it in a comic book, I believed it. And shook my head at the pomposity of it all.

And yesterday, I Googled it. Never happened. Yeah, she showed off in some forgotten movie called Bluebeard but there is NO indication that she was the Church.

Just goes to show, when in doubt about your faith. Don't trust comics. Trust the internet*.

Now we dance!

*Ok, don't trust the internet. Check with your local pastor or a good website like SOUTHERNFRIEDCATHOLICISM.COM for the real truth!