Friday, March 7, 2014

The daily cross

The daily cross. 'Nulla dies sine cruce!' No day without its cross; not a single day in which we are not to shoulder the Cross of the Lord, no day during which we are not to accept his yoke...

The way to our personal sanctification should daily lead us to the cross. This way is not a sorrowful one, because Christ himself comes to our aid, and in his company there is no room for sadness ... There is not a single day without a cross - 'the' Cross.  -St. José Maria Escrivá

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The Way of the Cross. Here indeed you have a sturdy and fruitful devotion. Spend a few moments each Friday going over those fourteen points of Our Lord's Passion and Death. I assure you that you will gain strength for your the whole of the week. -St. José Maria Escrivá

Stations of the Cross are prayed at St. John's in Oxford each Friday of Lent at 5:00pm, in the church. Join us.