Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grub vom Krampus!

Wir haben über busy at our house decorating for, um, Advent (*wink*) to get zuhause ready to host the very first CCM Krampusnaght Party tonight, ja!

Five things that you should know about tonight's feierabend:

1) Things'll start up c. 7pm. For directions to the Noel house (could we have a more appropriate name for the season?!?), check out the previous post, "Come a Krampusing."

2) We'll have plenty of food and refreshments for all (might I recommend Christie's homemade Oreo Truffles... holy cow they're good), so feel free to bring your friends!

3) You should wear your tackiest Christmas sweater or holiday attire... because it's more fun that way. (Plus, the guy or gal with the tackiest getup will win a prize!)

4) To help confound the Krampus, be a good Catholic and bring a monetary donation for Interfaith Compassion Ministry so that they can help some local families in need keep the heat on this winter. No amount is too small (or too big).

5) You should bring money to buy your very own CCM Krampusnaght t-shirt (below). We've got a strict limit of 50 shirts for sale at $20 a pop... and they're long-sleeved... and they're cool. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales will also go to Interfaith Compassion Ministry. Oh, and they make great Christmas presents, too, for the distinguished Catholics on your list!

Come out tonight to get your genuine, authentic CCM Krampusnacht t-shirt!
You'll be the envy of all your Protestant friends!