Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Krampus is coming!

That's right, kids. Just wanted to remind y'all about CCM's very first Krampus party next Wednesday (Dec. 4, 2013) at 7pm at the Noels' house. Here's how things will work:

Remember, the Krampus accompanies St. Nicholas as he visits the homes of children during the night of Dec. 5th (the evening before St. Nicholas' Feast Day). While St. Nicholas delivers presents to good boys and girls, Krampus is sent to punish particularly naughty children. 

Obviously, the purpose of the Krampus is the encourage children to choose good over bad; to give them incentive to be selfless instead of self-centered; to worry more about doing for others instead of doing for themselves. 

So, CCM encourages you to think about all of this too, and to do something good for others. We'll be collecting money at our Krampus party for Interfaith Compassion Ministry's efforts to help those in need keep their heat on this winter.

Here's a guide to help you set aside some money for this worthy cause. Since the idea is thinking of others more than yourself, the challenge is to give some money that you would otherwise spend on yourself:

1. How much money did you spend on apps or music downloads last month? Or video games? Donate that amount.

2. How much money did you spend on cover charge last week? Or on going out last week? Donate that amount. 

3. How much do you normally spend at the coffee places or eating out in a given week? Donate that amount. 

And, we'll be selling t-shirts, too, with all proceeds going toward Interfaith Compassion Ministry. Keep checking SFC in the coming days for more about the party.

Check out tomorrow's SFC post for a peek at Fr. Joe's "Krampusnaucht" t-shirt design!

The Krampus is coming!