Monday, November 18, 2013

Popes and media... a Catholic tradition!

According to a recent report, our Pope Francis is the most popularly searched person on the internet these days. We all know that the Holy Father has softened the image of Catholicism and managed to build up a ton of good will by doing nothing more than being his own genuinely nice and gentle self--doing it in front of cameras and using the internet.

In a way, Pope Francis' use of mass media and communications has become something of a papal tradition. Ever since the First Letter of Peter (as in, the biblical one), popes have taken advantage of whatever opportunities and new technologies presented themselves to communicate with the faithful.

To illustrate this fact, check out the video below. It's the a video of Pope Leo XIII that was filmed in 1896(!) and it's the very first known film footage of a pope. When you watch the video, you'll also here the first-known audio clip of a pope--again, Pope Leo XIII, chanting the Ave Maria in Latin. The audio was recorded in 1903. Too cool!