Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pope's "li'l helper"

How do you say "aww" in Italian? A little boy made a new friend over the weekend:

Thousands of Catholic families from around the world gathered at the Vatican over the weekend to celebrate the Year of Faith with Pope Francis.

While representatives from more than 80 countries addressed the pope, a little boy walked onto the stage to say hello.

Pope Francis was visibly amused when the child stayed on the stage instead of returning to his seat on the steps.

He refused to leave the pope’s side, even at the encouragement of several cardinals.

When the representatives came forward to greet the pope, the little boy was initially not amused.

But then he realized what was going on and decided to help out.

When Pope Francis began his speech, an aide attempted once again to make the child return to his seat.

The little boy refused, wrapping his arms around the pope in a tight hug.

Pope Francis didn’t seem to mind.

In fact, he seated the boy on his chair before resuming his speech.

Hat tip to The Catholic Dormitory!