Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Please hold, a Guardian Angel will be with you shortly

If you want to get in touch with me, you can call the office. If for some reason I am away from the office (I have no life), then you may call my home (on a land line!). If you cannot get me on the land line at the house, then you can call my cell.
If you can't contact me via phone, you can use the emails. Or the texting. Or go to the cigar shop.

There you will find me.

And yet still people say, "I COULDN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU!"

Seems I've missed out on one important way of contact.

Courtesy St. Pio:

An Italian-American, who lived in California, sometimes entrusted his Guardian Angel to report some messages to Padre Pio. Once, after the confession, he asked Padre Pio if he really had received his messages from his Guardian Angel. Father Pio asked him: "What do you think? Do you think I am hard of hearing?" After that Padre Pio repeated the messages that were sent him some days before by his Guardian Angel. 

St. Pio uses Angels. Angels have unlimited long-distance.
A Father Eusebio said: I was going to London by plane, against Padre Pio's suggestion not to use this mean of transport. When we were flying over the Channel, a violent storm put the aeroplane in danger. Amid the general terror I prayed and, without knowing what to do, I sent my Guardian Angel to Padre Pio. When I went back to St. Giovanni Rotondo I met Padre Pio who said to me, "Are you well? Is everything OK?" I  answered; "I thought I'd die!" The saintly padre responded, "Then why don't you obey?" I responded "But I have sent you my Guardian Angel..." Padre Pio then said, "Fortunately he arrived just in time!" 

One of Padre Pio's spiritual daughters was walking along a country road to the Convent. There Padre Pio was waiting for her. It was one of those winter days, bleached by the snow in which it was even difficult to walk. The road was so full of snow that the woman had the certainty she would not reach the Convent in time for the appointment with the director. Full of faith, she charged his Guardian Angel to tell Padre Pio she would have arrived at the convent late because of the snow. When she reached the convent she saw with enormous joy that the monk was waiting for her behind a window. He greeted her smiling. 

ANGELS! I never thought about having your angel get in touch with my angel! All those missed calls and confusing garbled voice messages could have been avoided had I thought of it! So, if you can't get in touch with me,  shoot me your angel!

In the words of St. Pio: Send me your Guardian Angel - he doesn't have to pay a ticket for the train and he doesn't wear out his shoes. 
"Wait, you're not Timmy? Gotta run kid.
You're some other angels' human. Good luck
on all that lost in the woods stuff going on."