Monday, September 9, 2013

September is Starve-tember!

Modern Catholic Probs: Fasting on the First Friday and then turn around and have to do it on the next day because the Pope said so.
If we had one of these in Oxford, I wouldn't eat there.

I thought I was the only one who picked up on that until I read the awesome Crescat. Turns out the USCCB wanted us to fast Friday to stand against porn. Didn't get that message for some reason. Anyway, the Crescat:

So I was reading that the USCCB decided to make today a day of prayer and fasting to end porn. And I immediately thought, well shit, the Pope wants us to fast tomorrow. Fast for two days?! I’d die! I’ll waste away and die! Next thing you know I’ll be advocating for Ascension Thursday Sunday. #badCatholic

To add to the fasting anxiety, for those of us who are trying to reclaim some of the older traditions of the Church, this is a month that has Ember Days- September 18, 20 and 21st are days of fasting (for those of us who chose to do so).

Fasting is a great form of spiritual discipline, it is one of the BIG THREE along with prayer and almsgiving.

When we fast or even participate in days of "abstinence" (avoiding meats and eating modestly), we align ourselves to the suffering of Christ on the Cross and to the world's suffering. Although fasting alone is a rigorous practice, adding prayer and some almsgiving (or works of service to others) makes it all the more rewarding. I try to not play on the computer or hit the links or anything really "fun" on fast days.

The day of fasting for Syria, the Mid-east and the World Saturday was difficult for the Catholic Rebel nation. We had a homegame weekend. Barbeque scents wafted through the air. Beer and gin flowed like...well, gin and beer...through the Grove. Distractions of the world all around. However, I believe some folks remembered the fast and did some acts of penance if they couldn't keep away from the meat and drinks.
That's what it feels like when you wanna eat a burger at the Grove
and the Pope says to fast.

I had a simple (simply awful) lunch of a fish-ish thing I got out of a box in the frozen food section and a salad for supper. And a cracker with jelly on it. Maybe that's cheating.

I got sucked in by a video game too as well as watching Notre Dame/Michigan. Still, the video game wasn't THAT great and I talked politics with my dad on the phone while watching the game so, kind of still penitential.

However, the severity of the day wasn't lost on me and I was happy to know the Pope's plea for peace was received well by the world.

President Obama is working to ensure that his plan of attacking Syria is understood by the world's leaders and the USA. However, he's resolved to go alone in striking Syria if there is no support. It's a serious decision with serious consequences.

Of course, any decision to go to war should be made with seriousness and sobriety. It's not playtime or a time to play. For Catholics, the Pope says it's a time to pray. But ...ummm...

A round of golf is just as well...