Monday, August 12, 2013

Nicene Creed: THE MOVIE

Caught a trailer to a movie that deals with Emperor Constantine and his conversion today. There's a shot of what appears to be the Council of Nicea convening with a booming voice saying:
"We are not here to decide the truth but to affirm it".

Damn nice, line!

Should go down with "Yippe-kay-yay, M#@%&*s!" and "This one time at band camp" as all-time great movie quotes.

Or better...

So what is this thing exactly?
Live actors?

I have no idea what the movie is going to use as a medium. It seems to have been filmed where classic "sandal and sword" epics were done back in the 70's or so. The trailer doesn't show anything but what may be story board art and some live-ish stuff of swords and lightning.

But if this is a real thing? A real movie? I'm there.

Not only is this a HUGE bit of our Catholic story, Nicea is one of the things that separates us from every breakaway sect of Christianity. Knowing about Nicea also helps in dealing with ear-killing stuff like this: